Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be submitted using the submission format. Please download this abstract submission form at the bottom of screen and send us the completed form to jsp2017-p@jtbcom.co.jp by e-mail.

Submission period for abstracts

Wednesday, 5 October 2016 to Friday, 18 November 2016, noon
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Abstract submission has been closed.
Thank you very much for your application.

Information required for abstract submission

The first authors must be the member of the Japanese Society of Pathology if submitted from domestic institutions but those from international institutions may not be necessarily the member of the society. You may inquire the membership to the Japanese Society of Pathology Secretariat Office.
You may find the contact details at the bottom of the screen.

*Except "Poster presentation (Undergraduate students)"
(Those who are applying for membership must enter "99" in the "Membership Number" box.)

Abstract Submission

1. Presentation Style

  1. Oral presentation
  2. Poster presentation
  3. Poster presentation(Undergraduate students)
  4. Poster presentation(Trainee)

2. keyword


keyword 1 *
Diagnostic pathology / Human pathology
Experimental pathology
keyword 2 *
Interdisciplinary pathology
Systemic diseases
Oral cavity・Head and neck・Salivary glands
Heart and vessels
Respiratory tract
Serosal membranes・Mesothelium・Somatic cavity
Upper gastrointestinal tract
Lower gastrointestinal tract
Biliary system
Endocrine organs
Urinary system
Male reproductive organs
Female reproductive organs
Central nervous system
Peripheral nervous system
Bone and soft tissue・Locomotor organs
Blood・Bone marrow
Lymph nodes
Sensory organs
Pediatric pathology
keyword 3-1 *
Neoplastic diseases
Inflammatory diseases
Infectious diseases
Chronic progressive diseases
Circulatory failure・Circulatory disturbance
Metabolic disorder・Degenerative disorder
Transplantation pathology
Intractable and rare diseases
Congenital disorder・Developmental anomaly
Radiation injury
Intraoperative consultation
Differential diagnosis
Immunohistochemistry・Diagnostic molecular pathology
Classification of Diseases
Evaluation of treatment effects・Therapeutic strategies
Image analysis・Novel technology
Information technology・Bioinformatics
Education・Medical staff
Quality control
Work-life balance
Chromosomal abnormality・Hereditary diseases
Animal disease models
Genetic risks・Environmental factors
Genetic mutation・Carcinogenesis
Gene expression・Epigenetics
Signal transduction・Cell proliferation・Cell cycle
Cell death・Cell damage・Senescence
Invasion and metastasis
Cancer microenvironment・Cancer stem cells
Cancer cellular characteristics
Cancer immunology
Diagnostic markers・Tumor markers・New therapies
Cell biology・Molecular imaging
Cell differentiation・Regenerative medicine
Development and developmental abnormalities
keyword 3-2 for Second Choice

3. Title

The title must be given in English. Maximum number of characters English: 100 characters (not words, including spaces)

*A title containing more than the maximum number of English characters cannot be registered.

4. Abstract Body

Only abstracts in English will be accepted.
Maximum number of characters: 1040 (not words, including spaces)

5. Co-author(s) / affiliation(s)

Co-author(s): Up to 10 persons including the first author
affiliation(s): up to 10 places
Use this page abbreviations for affiliated institutions.

6. Selection of non-invited speakers

*Selection of non-invited speakers and style of presentation will be at the discretion of the President.

An e-mail will be sent informing you whether your presentation has been selected or not.
The date and time of the session you will present will be uploaded to this website.

Abstract submission

Download/Abstract submission form

Please download this abstract submission form and send us the completed form to jsp2017-p@jtbcom.co.jp by e-mail.

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Membership inquiries

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