Welcome Message


It is my pleasure to announce that the Japanese Society of Pathology will hold its 106th Annual Meeting at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo from Thursday, April 27, to Saturday, April 29, 2017.

We have chosen "Evolving Pathology – Integration of Wisdom and Germination of Innovation –" as the theme for this meeting. At the gathering, we hope to build on the conventional approach to morphological pathology by fostering a method in which practitioners undertake a comprehensive evaluation of disease pathology while accounting for information such as genes, gene expression, proteins, and signal transmission through the use of high-sensitivity, high-volume analytical technologies like next-generation sequencers. This method will transcend morphological diagnosis by striving to establish a focus on diagnosis that is based on an integrated understanding of disease and embracing the ideal of giving something back to medicine and society as the goal of pathology going forward.

Basic pathology research that pursues causes and clinical conditions has helped explain the causes of numerous diseases. Similarly, pathological diagnosis based on morphology has played a central role in determining how various diseases are treated, particularly in the case of malignant tumors. In recent years, partnerships between the discipline of pathology and industries such as pharmaceuticals and medical diagnostic devices have taken on new importance in both clinical and basic medical settings, for example in the development of companion diagnostics that is directly linked to the determination of pharmaceutical indications, biomarker screening and exploratory research using pathological specimens in clinical studies, and development of pharmaceuticals using human specimens. Out of a desire to create opportunities for deeper collaboration between industry and pathology, we are planning a number of events at the meeting as a novel experiment of the sort that only the National Cancer Center could carry out, including joint symposiums with corporate partners on topics such as research using pathological samples and meet-and-greet sessions that bring together companies and pathologists. In this way, we hope to deepen collaboration between pathology and industry and to cultivate opportunities for creating new value.

Even as Tokyo undergoes major changes in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we hope that members of the Society will gather from around Japan to experience what the challenge of a new approach to pathology might mean. I look forward to welcoming you to the 106th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology.

Atsushi Ochiai
President, 106th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology